Americas Connected – June 2017 – 1st edition

FY16 was full of both challenges and opportunities. Now that it is finalized, we are confident that everis Americas is closer now to our dreams and challenges than it was a year .

We worked hard and with tenacity to achieve our goals, to take care of our clients and our projects, and to maintain our commitment to develop our employees. We can be proud of the results obtained.

I am confident that we are aligned, connected, and prepared for what we want to do and that we will be a different and modern company in each country in which we operate.

It is a pleasure to share with you the first edition of our regional newsletter. In this first issue, we present a general picture of what we lived and conquered in the fiscal year 2016.


Juan Yañéz


After two years, our region has relevant milestones for celebrating. Today we are more than 7,500 people involved in this company’s project. We are investing in internal and external innovation, organizing our structures to better serve our customers, to bring more efficiency and profitability in our projects and to offer more options in the careers for becoming more interesting for our people.


FY16 was a year to create the bases of the People Americas team that has worked on the building and implementation of a Talent Value Proposition with the clear objective of attracting, retaining, and developing the best talents, which will allow us to reach the level of excellence necessary to achieve the strategic objectives defined by company.


everis deals constantly with changes and adaptations according to the evolution of the market and businesses, which makes that the company promotes internal transformations. Its understanding of the complexity and diversity of the Americas region led the company to achieves the best results in terms of business growth and its contribution regarding value, as a region, to everis Group and, by extension, NTT Data.

What we are doing

Adherence to the best practices

At the end of FY2016, we conclude our second cycle of the new organizational framework. We worked during this exercise to ensure compliance with the minimum basic standards of the economic and financial processes in each of our all offices (tax issues, uniformity in the application of accounting policies, estimates, management control, legal and compliance aspects, among others).

Improving our productive model

All this enthusiasm for growth, driven by our commercial and production strategy, is reflected week by week in the large number of projects to which we should allocate capacities, in the large number of businesses opportunities and proposals to evaluate and design and, at end, in a commercial and delivery process that we must ongoing to improve to continue climbing and repeat the growth rate in the next few years. Surely, in a good combination of talent, a dose of commercial strategy, some pills of industrialization and digitization, an efficient management and with our business and some other elements that we will add, we will achieve the goals and the desired results to the region.

New ITS&S unit

At FY16, we launched the IT Solutions & Services (ITS&S) business unit in the Americas region, which it is born under the needs for our own digital transformation. All of this conducted us ultimately to have a unit with the better capabilities in our main offices, also local talents, to deliver more value to our strategic customers. We intend to group all services related to software engineering, outsourcing, and the technology infrastructures management, all in the ITS&S unit, to concentrate our efforts on the industrialization and modernization of our productive model. This new approach will allow us to specify and reinforce our offering of value both to our customers and our employees, and from the business’ point of view it will provide us with the best margin, ensuring the quality and competitiveness of our projects in the market.

Technology & Advanced Solutions (T&AS)

The creation of the T&AS unit allows us to guarantee the complementarity of our value propositions and capabilities in the region, something that we have already begun to work together successfully. In addition, we must ensure that it continues to happen in the future, so that we focus more on our goal, in the latest technologies, increasing our value offer and high impact trends, all being led from the Americas region. In the same way as already happens with the Digital Transformation or, from the next fiscal year 2017, with the Internet of Things or Artificial Intelligence.


The digital transformation will accelerate vertiginously the changes and transformations in the sector. The consulting and IT services sector will not be oblivious to these changes. In fact, our industry is very different from what it was 15 years ago. This context and our ambitious growth goals at everis Americas compel us to transform our business model and our business mindset. For leverage this it is necessary to change the mentality, and nothing better than to resort to the values of our company, which are those who must lead and govern our activity and behavior from a business point of view, creating a Commercial Identity that must make us different, turning everis into a “partner” of reference and value to the ecosystem of our customers.


At present, there are no clear boundaries among sectors and, many times, the most valuable innovation comes from companies away from our main business model. In this context, and to find a differentiation in an increasingly competitive and interconnected market, it is essential to create and count on an ecosystem of strategic alliances of value. Who gains is not one who successfully implements a technology, but who understands that there is a new way of understanding business relationships, new models of collaboration, communication, and, even I dare say, to practice transparency.

Our region is very complex, and we live in a complicated and difficult macro-economic context where, according to the analysts, our sector presented a perspective of stagnation or slight growth in 2016. In that challenging yet difficult context, everis has grown more than 30% in revenue (well above the sector average). It is an exceptional performance and we have to be proud of it. However, those were the challenges that we set and marked just one year ago:

  • To be the Latin American consultant company of reference in the digital era.
  • To be a TOP10 company in the IT consulting and services market in the region in 2020.

Our challenge is to continue and maintain high levels of growth and value creation in the upcoming years. For this our strategy is based on continuing to deep to the lines and the work’s axes defined:

Strategic customers:  the pillar of our strategy.

Commercial planning: a deep, integrated and quality work trying to align our offer of value to the needs of the customers.

Value offering: integrated vision and “end-to-end”, collaboration, development of the integrated offer (“4×4”); strengthening BUs and the sectorial services catalog.


See the highlights of everis’ participation in events and the press coverage in the FY16.

Actitud  award

El Austral


SAP Forum

Jornal do

ehCOS – Florida
Healthcare Summit

El Economista




everis award

everis award

 everis award


Counting on the everis’ professional talents we contribute our knowledge and experience to create space for innovation and entrepreneurship.

After more than 15 years of promoting the social and economic entrepreneurship in Europe, the everis foundation arrives in a well-structured way in our region. All the offices in the region have been developing one or more activities of the everis foundation, such as the awards which were well successful in this year’s editions in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru. The robotics workshops are already underway in Mexico, Chile, and the USA. Brazil has just launched the pilot edition of the Pulsar Program, a mentoring network for teenagers’ girls, a program which will be developed in other countries throughout 2017. And still this year, several countries have working on the legal opening of the everis foundation.

This expansion process has gained momentum in our region last year and it has provided extraordinary results and experiences. In addition to enabling to everis to expand its performance in the ecosystems of entrepreneurship, which it helped everis to position itself as a major player in the innovation scenario. The activities’ foundation open space for the participation of our people as volunteers in very special projects and enables us to give back to the society the best which we receive from it: the talent as the engine of progress.


In each edition, we will present a team from the Americas structure. In this issue, we introduce the Brand & Communications team.

Its mission is to implement the brand positioning strategy aligned with everis business strategy for the region through regional and local programs. It is also responsible for communicating the values and model and for supporting the synergy boost among the offices of the region.

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