Americas Connected – Dezembro de 2017- Edição 3

Although our fiscal year ends in March, December always brings us a sense of end of a cycle, which invariably leads us to reflect and think about the changes and challenges we faced and will face. Over the course of this year, we talked about transformation and specifically about digital transformation and what it means to change and evolve in the business world and even our own internal transformation, both in the company and in the staff.

I believe by reading this issue of our “newsletter” we can see that we are making progress on our own change and we´re beginning to support the transformation of our customers successfully. I also sincerely believe that we´re more connected and learning how to work together with each other. This region shares the same trait – more than 20 million square kilometers – and opportunities and it´s a major challenge for North America. Therefore, being able to share skills, efforts, feelings and talents to overcome this vast territorial extension is the key to our future. The example of the innovation project we present in the global NTT Hackathon final shows the way and the way we should collaborate.

Step by step, our organization evolves and will continue to do so in the coming months and years. The challenge is immense and the transformation in which we are immersed is a key point to guarantee our future, leaving a mark as a model company and reference in the countries where we operate. Our greatest impact on clients, access to the best local and regional talents, the desire to be a socially responsible company with assets such as the Everis Foundation are some of the ways that we will achieve our goal: to be the first consultancy company in this region.

In my end of the year´s reflection, I honestly think we are a better company than we were at the beginning of this cycle and worse than we will be in the next cycle.

Let’s stay connected and live that tremendous challenge that is ahead with passion.

Happy Holidays!

Juan Yañéz



One of the pillars of our commercial strategy and market position in the region is the figure of the Commercial Vice President. Its role is to leading and boost our commercial activity, with sectors, and market global vision, integrating and adapting our offer with each countries reality, to develop and conduct new business models and big deals in the offices.

Actually, we have commercial VPs in all offices in the region, working in a way that is aligned with your country, but in a coordinated way with the regional sectors and Business Unites (Bus). In this way, they contribute with value and effectively to the development of an ecosystem of strategic alliances, thus creating an environment conducive to maintaining – and increasing – our levels of growth and value creation.

First results

According to the COO of the Americas region, Teodoro Lopez, this coordinated and aligned action with the whole strategy already shows good results. “This effort has already resulted in an additional $ 180 million of Total Contract Value”. We have leveraged important initiatives throughout the region, such as Terpel and Grupo Val in Colombia; BCI, in Chile; and Itaú, in Brazil, Enel throughout the Andean region (Chile, Peru and Coloimbia) and with the project coordinated by Brazil and USA for Mapfre. Our goal is to keep growing, creating opportunities and finding spaces to unleash our full potential and talent”, explains the executive


The “Study of Agile Methodologies Practices in Latin America”, developed with the IDC, presents an overview of the adoption of agile methodologies in Latin America.

The study’s findings highlight the reduction of “time to market” as the main impetus for the adoption of these methodologies. The study also points out good business opportunities for everis. Only 31% of the companies surveyed are developing projects in Agile, a contradiction, since the survey indicates that 98% of the companies interviewed have concrete initiatives of digital transformation.

This study is currently being divulgated. In every region´s office we have planned presentations for clients and in-house workshops to support our executives in aligning a more effective approach to the subject. Among IDC’s main recommendations, we highlight:




Everis Argentina Participates as a Delegation of the Argentine Government on a Commercial Mission to the US

CEO Marcelo Weinbinder and  Sector Public Director Ignacio Hernández traveled to New York and Boston for a commercial mission with the Argencon delegation to promote the export of knowledge-based services. During their visit, they accompanied the Secretary of Administrative Modernization of the Argentine Government who presented a success story at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) developed by everis’ Electronic Document Management for public administration.


everis Wins Project for Legacy System Integrations of Banco Itaú

 The digital workstation project consists in a platform for the use of Itaú’s 90,000 professionals  to consolidate different processes, freeing up the operation and streamlining the day-to-day work of the various internal areas.

Our mission is to simplify processes by developing web solutions and mobile applications integrated with the bank’s people management systems and consolidating all services into a single application, which communicates with legacy systems (SAP, PeopleSoft , Rainbow, Maximo, etc). More than a simple project, this initiative has been a great opportunity to strengthen our relationship with Itaú, to strengthen everis’ position as a strategic partner of the bank and to guarantee a great success case for our ECS portfolio in Brazil.


everis Chile was present at an important business event within the country

everis Chile participated in ENADE 2017, one of the main events that take place in Chile and where representatives of business, politics and other authorities meet.  Mauricio Ríos, CEO of everis Chile, participated in a discussion where they debated about conscious companies and central issues for the development of the country. In addition, Mauricio was interviewed by ICARE TV channel, during the broadcast of the event.


We Continue to Grow in the General Comptroller of the Republic of Colombia

We executed the change management strategy designed for the Institutional Strengthening Program of the Colombian government entity.

We obtained outstanding qualifications in the execution and logistics of the activities that were carried out and in the  knowledge level of the processes and the business of the comptroller’s office. Our acheivements have earned the design award for an integration model for the information systems to support the operation of the entity.

2017 Session of the International Advisory Council

The everis International Advisory Council held its annual meeting in the city of Bogotá, with a two-day work session and a special dinner with more than 20 strategic clients in Colombia.


The Hackathon everis innovation experience happened at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, located in the city of Lima.

This event went to students of universities and institutes and we have the participation of institutions such as University of Lima, University of Applied Sciences, San Ignacio de Loyola University, Technological University of Peru, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, Institute of Cibertec and Institute of San Ignacio de Loyola.

The students were submitted to two stages of evaluation, a theoretical and a practical final in 24 hours of programming. We have the presence of a qualifying jury made up of Managers of our main clients and our Director of Technology, Cesar Adán.

Finally, the winning team was made up of 3 students from the Computer Engineering faculty of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.


Foro AMITI 2017 “Digital Transformation”

Carlos González, partner of LATAM Banking, moderated the “Financial Sector Panorama” panel at the AMITI 2017 “Digital Transformation” forum,  for more than 200 people. On the occasion, exposed the main trends and challenges that they are affecting the market. He talked about emerging technologies like “Blockchain”, Cashless trends, etc.


everis Supports Latam in Change Management Project with Integrated Team in Brazil and Chile

As part of its strategic alignment, Latam will soon face the great challenge of changing its system of reservations, tickets, inventory, sales, check-in, and other processes that directly affect stakeholders and operations. Due to the size of this initiative, everis has been supporting the company in coordinating the project’s change management actions since November.

By the end of June 2018, our professionals will be dedicated to the transformation process of Latam and facilitate adaptation of all involved. Change management is one of the most critical fronts in any project. For everis, this represents a great visibility of our main competences within the largest airline in Brazil.


Americas Region Represented with Multicultural Team at the NTT DATA Global Hackathon Final

Our region’s finalist in the NTT DATA Hackathon included representatives from four countries and reinforces the strength of our diversity. The team was led by Suraj Shinde, Director at Al Lab Mexico, and team members included Diego Garcia from Chile, Adrian Pareja Abarca from Peru and Jair Silva Junior from Brazil who presented a solution based on Artificial Intelligence called Smart Interviews.

The project consisted of a virtual assistant to interview work candidates using artificial intelligence techniques for speech to text, text to speech and the analysis of feelings of the candidate’s answers. In addition, during the interview the user authentication functionality was included through facial recognition.

After two days of work, in which the participants developed their ideas and presented to the panel,  the NBDS / Intelligence team was announced as a winner with their “Farmbot Network” project, which gave them the opportunity to develop their work and travel to NTT DATA Group headquarters  in Japan.

The Hackathon joined all the NTT DATA Group companies with the aim of promoting, encouraging and generating innovation, offering the opportunity for our collaborators to show their ideas and capabilities.


highlights in the press


Impacto del Blockchain en la industria financiera: banca y seguros


América Latina deve ser primeiro mercado da everis


El Big Data y el futuro del retail chileno


¿Cuál es el ADN del emprendedor del futuro?


Premio everis en Fractal Posible, un programa de ForoTV, el Tecnológico de Monterrey y Fundación Televisa


everis duplicará mano de obra en fábrica de software el 2018


everis Foundation’s First year of Activites Include Projects in all Countries

The year of 2017 was a defining year for everis foundation and its internationalization project. All countries in the Americas region have conducted projects with great success. Our region has carried out robotics workshops in the United States, Mexico, Peru, Chile and Argentina. The mentor network program was successfully held in Brazil and will now be launched in Peru and Mexico. Entrepreneurship awards were very successful in all countries and Colombia counted a vice-winner in the Global Final in Madrid. By 2018 the plans are ambitious; Chile, Mexico and Brazil are in the process of officially opening  local foundations, which gives us great possibilities of relationships and positive brand return with our clients and the market.

Check out the recent activities

Chile Names the 2017 Attitude Award Winners

In a ceremony held in Santiago de Chile, the winners of the second version of the Attitude Award were announced. The first place was for SIMULMEDIC, a medical simulator for the autonomous training of peripheral venous punctures. The team highlighted that it is a 100% Chilean technology and thanked everis for this contest that gives space for talent and new ideas. The second place was ARCOMED, a custom skull or face prosthesis in peek material based on 3D printing.

Púlsar Program Arrives in Peru

everis received a spectacular reception of our PÚLSAR Program in Peru! Currently, we have visited students at a school in Lima to present the initiative and encourage them to participate. Our initiatives are contributing to the reducing the gender gap throughout the world.

Closing of the Pulsar Program in Brazil

 Mentors from the Púlsar program gathered in our office in São Paulo for a special meeting that marked the end of the first edition in Brazil. In addition to sharing experiences, the meeting was full of emotions and showed the progress and learning participants gained from the beginning of the project. The feedback from all participants was excellent, highlighting the transformative potential of the initiative and reinforcing the expectation of new editions.

E-DNA Forum Building the Entrepreneur of the Future

 The E-DNA Forum’s numerous talks and panels analyzed the characteristics, capabilities, abilities and tendencies that must be developed and taken into account by today’s entrepreneurs to be successful tomorrow. Special emphasis was placed on the importance of the sustainability and exponentially of the businesses of the future.

Ángel Sánchez, Director of i-deals and responsible for Corporate Venturing at everis global led the inaugural conference. The event included 400 attendees and about 460 in streaming.

Launch of the Foundation and Closure of the Empreenda Saúde Award

Event brought together clients and partners at the General Consulate of Spain.

November 30, 2017 marks the day that the everis Foundation in Brazil was launched! To share this special moment, a cocktail party was held in São Paulo, with the Spanish Consul, Ángel Vázquez Díaz de Tuesta and the Japanese consul, Yasushi Noguchi attending. With the Foundation organized in Brazil, we can do even more for entrepreneurship, talent, education and innovation.

At the same event, the closing ceremony of the III Empreenda Saúde Award was held. The #laurabot project was the great winner of the evening! It is a cognitive risk management robot capable of generating early warning of sepsis development.


On October 25, Everis and the everis Foundation announced the opening of the second everis Mexico Prize, with the presence of Luis Téllez, institutional president of everis Mexico and Eugenio Galdón, president of the everis Foundation and Julián Ríos Cantú, creator of EVA and winner of the first edition “Higia Technologies”. The event was attended by the main companies in the entrepreneurial environment, the press and clients.
In the second edition of the award in Mexico in addition to the categories of digital economy, industrial and energy technologies, and biotechnology and health. This year a “second prize” was added to recognize technological projects to help in cases of crisis or catastrophe.

Robotics workshops
The everis foundation has launched the robotics and programming workshops for children in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru and the USA. The workshops include digital creation activities (videogames, robotics, inventions, 3D design and printing, etc.) for children between 7 and 16 years old to stimulate creativity, teamwork, problem solving and generating interest in technology.


In each edition, we will present a team from the Americas structure. In this issue, we introduce the People Americas team

The People Americas team is responsible for conducting our people management, implementing programs aimed at our professionals and supporting the company in its great goal that is to make everis one of the best companies to work for.

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