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Dear colleagues,

I don’t know why the arrival of Christmas reminds me of a little story I read as a teenager. It was a short story by Isaac Asimov, a famous science fiction writer in his time, that is, possibly, only remembered by those who approach or are over 50 years old. This story is set in Ganymides, a small planet rich in mineral resources, in a solar system far away from our own. At that time, human beings conquered those worlds in order to access and trade their resources. Some pioneers arrive on the planet and manage to convince their inhabitants to become miners, all in exchange for reaching the level of development of the Earth’s civilization. After a while, the miners demand, in order to continue their work, that the famous Santa Claus visit them with gifts, as he used to do on Earth. The chief of the pioneers agrees to disguise himself as Santa Claus and distributes gifts throughout the small planet. After that time, the miners demand the visit of Santa Claus to be obligatory evet year, if they wanted them to continue working in the extraction of resources.

The pioneers had not realized that each revolution of the planet around its star was just over a week on Earth… one Christmas every 7 days.

But beyond the irony of having one Christmas a week, one wonders if many of the things we seem to squander on these dates: connection with others, empathy, compassion, friendship, love… wouldn’t be fantastic if we could maintain all earthly year around, and not for just a little more than a week. And I link it with many of these keys to the “Christmas spirit” that are part of our day-to-day work at everis. Maybe in everis there is a little Christmas every day;

we are not Ganymide miners, and the everis planet goes around the Sun every 365.4 days, but I still appreciate as a differential that spirit and attitude to help our partner, the global vision over the individual, personal relationships, team spirit…. Taking a quote from a wonderful book that I have just read “every day is a life” I modify it by saying “every day in everis is a life”.

At this time, my message wants to emphasize the redoubling of efforts of the group spirit, of the connection with others, of the generosity and of the values that have brought us here, and that will undoubtedly mark our development in the coming years. Four years ago, we started with a slogan in America: “Connect Americas”. And, sincerely, I believe that few things are still as valid.

I want to take this moment to send you a message of gratitude and deep pride, because you are part of this very special planet.

Happy Holidays, and hopefully 2020 will bring you closer to the place you want to reach.

Best wishes,

Juan F. Yáñez

Reasons to be proud

NTT DATA holds its Global Leadership Conference in Chile for the first time

In October 2019, NTT DATA hosted its NTT DATA Global Leadership Meeting for the first time in Latin America (Chile) with the motto “Winning”

The event brought together more than 170 executives from NTT DATA, NTT DATA Services, itelligence AG and everis. Yo Honma, president and CEO of the Company, led the event, which focused on four pillars: market position, new sources of growth, digital transformation and talent, with the objective of developing and continuing with joint strategies that allow us to maintain leadership in the market as the 8th IT company worldwide and with the goal of reaching fifth place by 2025.

The event also included the participation of Gonzalo Blumel (Minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of Chile), César Valdés (Director of Digital Transformation of Movistar Chile) and Patricio Subiabre (Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Banco Bci).

“Hybrid Operations”: a new approach to address Digital Transformation of companies

everis launched the “Hybrid Operations” report, which outlines the fact cases that 60% of top executives see automation as an opportunity to improve customer care services. The study on digital transformation and automation in Latin America shows how leaders of different industries approach new technologies. It also identifies the challenges they face when integrating automation into their operations.

The global automation market is valued between $150 billion to $160 billion. Virtual automation constitutes $80 billion, which includes process automation, industrial software and artificial intelligence.

Access the Report

everis enhances its presence in the Brazilian market thanks to its collaboration with LATAM and Amazon

Amazon, who is in charge of the commercialization of voice assistant devices, along with LATAM and everis, have joined forces to launch a new service for Amazon Echo.

This project positions everis as an innovative company in terms of user experience, ahead of its competition.

For more information, click here

Highlights in the region


Avangrid and everis USA Win the 2019 enerTIC Award for Big Data and Analytics Project

Last week, the Secretary of State for Digital Advancement hosted the 2019 enterTIC awards in Madrid, Spain. everis USA and Avangrid’s  Monitoring and Application of Predictive Maintenance Techniques in Elements of the Electricity Distribution Network through Big Data and Analytics project was awarded in the International Projects category. Winners were chosen from 130 nominated projects by votes from the general public and by an expert committee of associated companies of the Institutional Collaboration Network. The following criteria was used during the selection process: innovation, use of information technology and communications, reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions, applicability in other organizations/environments, and use of metrics and improvement indicators. The award is highly regarded among the Energy sector and is great honor for our Avangrid team. Congratulations on this important accomplishment!


Chilean office launches mentorship program for everis’ women

This program has the participation of 15 women, where, for 3 weeks, 3 mentors, members of the Network of Women in Senior Management (REDMAD), will be responsible for providing guidance through their knowledge and experience, with the aim of teaching mentees to successfully face the various challenges in their professional development, and enhance their skills to advance in achieving their goals.

For more information, click here


Culmination of the Púlsar social mentorship program of the everis Colombia Foundation

Eighty girls from Bogotá complete the Púlsar social mentorship program of the everis Foundation. By the hand of 80 mentors, all women with successful careers and much experience, these teenagers managed to challenge the future, breaking that glass ceiling, taking ownership of their goals, projects and dreams.

With the participation of Oscar Córdoba, and in an emotional closing ceremony, this program was completed, allowing mentors and mentees to complete a wonderful process of guidance and learning.

Congratulations to our new Púlsar stars, today begins a new path towards the conquest of many dreams!


everis and NTT DATA announce the winners of the NTT Data Open Innovation Contest:

On November 23rd, the grand final of the Open Innovation Contest was held in Mexico City, with the presence of everis Mexico’s president Luis Téllez, General Director Mario Chao and the special participation of Japan’s ambassador Yasushi Takase.

We have high impact projects and the decision was difficult, but the undisputed winner is: Nauphilus, for the Smart Innovative Contracts category, and Traces, for Smart Industrial Automatization category.

Video link


Bank Report Award

everis was the sponsor of the 15th Prêmio Relatório Bancário [Banking Report Award], the most important and traditional award of the financial sector, promoted by Cantarino Brasileiro.

everis received the award for the AVI case – intelligent virtual assistant, in the self-service category, with the Itaú bank.

Rogério Curi, Sports Manager at Bradesco, received recognition for Bradesco in the sports area. The award was given by Silvana Pioli Vallim, Bradesco’s Director & Client Manager at everis Brasil.

Andbank Release


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The H2origen venture received the 2019 everis Award


The first campus for entrepreneurs in the country, CEmprende, is officially opened

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