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Our strength is in collaboration.

Collaboration is an essential part of Digital Strategy & Technology Americas: a diverse team with differential capabilities that adds value to customers through the combination of innovative business strategy and disruptive technologies.

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Reasons to be proud

NTT DATA is the Eighth Most Valuable IT Services Brand, Says Brand Finance

The NTT DATA brand has been ranked the world’s eighth most valuable brand among IT services providers, according to the Brand Finance IT Services 25 2020 report issued by UK-based Brand Finance, the world’s leading brand valuation and strategy consultancy. NTT DATA is the fastest growing IT services brand in the top 10, due to strong growth in brand value as a result of increased revenue expectations. The company appeared in the report for the second time and jumped from ninth last year.

Brand Finance calculates brand value using a unique methodology based on valuation methods that are compliant with international industry standards. Brand Finance IT Services 25 is its annual report on the world’s most valuable and strongest IT services brands.


NTT DATA is a leading IT services provider and global innovation partner headquartered in Tokyo, with business operations in over 50 countries. Our emphasis is on long-term commitment, combining global reach with local intimacy to provide premier professional services varying from consulting and systems development to outsourcing.

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News Releases.

The services, prices of products and services, specifications, telephone numbers, etc. for inquiries and other information included in news releases are the data available on the day of the release. This information may be changed at any time without notice. In certain circumstances, due to various risks or unexpected occurrences, actual results may also be different from the plans or projections in news releases.

eva 3.0

eva is a solution in constant evolution and a new version has been released on the market: eva 3.0. New features, more capacity with more agility and always in continuous development. Learn more about this technology and all the details of the project.

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The information age and the #FourthIndustrialRevolution place before us the need to explore multiple alternatives to organize data flow. This organization should lead us to an analysis that supports and facilitates decision making in organizations. The expertise that #everisMéxico has developed in the deployment of S/4 HANA offers countless opportunities for exponential organizations with this platform, providing best practices, intuitive usability, and faster analytics in real time in the market.

We celebrate our tenth participation as SAP partners by sharing our experience with more than 300 executives.

Highlights in the region


everis signs an agreement with Fintech to offer international payments with blockchain technology

everis Chile has signed an alliance with the startup Fintech Bitex to boost its value offer. Bitex is a company that provides its blockchain infrastructure to develop international payment applications for our customer network. With this strategic agreement, we delivered a regional alternative to the SWIFT network, allowing new financial actors to deliver solutions that were previously impossible to provide.

Currently, international blockchain payments are acquiring a large leading role, given that they provide greater competitiveness in the transfer market to other countries for both mass consumers, e-commerce, B2B, or remittance delivery.

This technology is relevant when we consider that immigration rates are on the rise in many countries. If we look at Chile, the immigration rate is significant. In 2017, immigrants in the country totaled 746,465, carrying out 4 million remittance operations in the amount of US$ 727 million; in 2018 they reached 1,251,225 (a 67.6% growth), with 8 million operations and remittances for US$ 1,519 million (a 109% growth), figures that are certainly relevant to financial institutions.

“Blockchain is a focus of interest as a promising technology that offers open financial services, as it allows high reliability and speed in financial transactions. Thus, we bring innovation to multiple processes, reducing costs and creating immediacy in transactions,” said Pedro Capó, Banking Director at everis Chile.

At everis, we are proud to innovate in terms of technological solutions for our customers, also supporting the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in a virtuous relationship for all parties.


everis participated in automation anywhere

On January 16, Automation Anywhere, one of the most important RPA and Automation platforms, invited everis to the first event of RPA developers and community creation in Colombia.

This event focused on last semester’s students of Systems Engineering or similar, fresh graduates or developers to learn RPA and thus have a talent incubator that helps to scale and support the current demand for these profiles in the labor market.

everis participated in this event and presented with the Automation manager the capabilities and focus around the line, the event also featured the People Team follow-up to strengthen recruitment channels and consolidate the academy-company relationship, creating in this space an important impact, and positioning our brand with the attendees.

After the event, a database of more than 60 developers attending the program could be a strategic support for any local growth or possible regional support.


Strengthening our relationship with the academy.

Before eighth and ninth semester engineering students of the Colombian School of Engineering, the People, ITS&S + T&AS teams shared trends, digital transformation needs, and the university students were able to meet first hand some of the projects currently deployed in everis and professional development opportunities in the company.

This activity was carried out on January 30, with the objective of strengthening employer branding, and positioning everis as a company where you can develop future school professionals.


everis Mexico Represented in the Open Innovation Contest in Tokyo

The Nauphilus initiative in Mexico, won first place in the Smart innovative contracts category in the Open Innovation Contest.

The winners traveled to Tokyo to participate in the final competition. The project specializes in online risk analysis through Artificial Intelligence. They won the Finance and Banking category in the Tokyo 2020 final.

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Top Employer

For the fifth year in a row, everis Brazil was acknowledged as a Top Employer company. The Institute assesses companies’ adherence to the best human resources practices in the market. On Friday, January 31st , all our offices celebrated decorating the entrance to each office and distributed customized popcorn to all employees.

Press release


The customer as the center of Digital Transformation

Customer-centered Digital Transformation implies creating an ecosystem that allows taking advantage of new technologies.

everis recognizes that Digital Transformation is a worldwide reality and also there is a high risk of failure, so it seeks solutions so that companies can take advantage of each investment and be successful in the transformation they undertake.

everis, a multinational business and technology consultant of the NTT Data group, submitted a study on the success of organizations that are investing in Digital Transformation, coordinating its efforts for their customer’s satisfaction, focusing on their needs and experiences.

A 2017 Forbes study shows us that globally there is an investment in Digital Transformation that reaches almost $800 billion USD, of which 84% fail. So how can companies take advantage of these large investments and be successful in the transformation they are undertaking?

When most companies talk about Digital Transformation, they do it with multiple technologies: the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Assistants, Fintech, among others; they invest in all of them, regardless of their application and use and leave business model aside.

The most successful companies are those that understand its customer’s needs, new consumption habits, and the experience they must offer, since in addition to the products and services they offer, they must create an ecosystem to understand the needs of the customers.

Who are the new customers?

Baby boomers: born between 1946 and 1964

Baby boomers have gradually adapted to a digitalized environment; they use technology and social networks to receive news or communicate, they also look for products and services, although purchases are made physically in traditional stores.

Generation X: born between 1965 and 1979

They are the ones that most intensely experienced the transition between analog and digital, they have an entrepreneurial and self-sufficient character. They like to be provided with services, so they buy both online and in person, depending on what’s more convenient to them.

Millennials or Generation Y: born between 1980 and 1995

They are digital natives, they can’t conceive a life without technology and use the Internet in their day to day for almost everything, both in work environments and in their personal lives.

Centennials or Generation Z: born between 1996 and 2010

They are the youngest generation. Those who have started their work stage don’t want to be tied to a job or a schedule, they work on several things at once and work remotely, and are also born entrepreneurs.

“The digital experience is key for customers, according to their satisfaction level they share their experience and recommend a brand, also, 94% of Peruvian consumers, when making a purchase decision, do so through a digital ecosystem” said Jaime Gutiérrez, Business Manager at everis Peru. “We have to be consistent with the changes that our society is experiencing, 45% of the population is in segment C, a social stratum that wasn’t expected to grow, but changes, evolution, and dynamism of the economy has made segment C grow and get involved in the transformation processes of organizations,” he added.

The challenge of organizations is to know their customers, their goals, their needs, and their barriers, in order to deliver value. On their part, customers demand a convenient and personalized experience, companies’ efforts are focused on a concept of digital humanization to connect in a natural, simple, and simple way. everis Peru offers organization-friendly digital ecosystems to meet this new customer and the fundamental characteristics that allow designing personalized experiences and offer service where, when and how customers need it.

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everis USA recruiter Jordan Wills joined Jessica Covington and Parricia Cornejo Cuenca from the everis USA Birmingham, Alabama office for career fairs in Alabama. The two events were held for technical and engineering students at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and at the University of Alabama-Birmingham. The fairs attracted upcoming graduates and offered students and companies one-on-one networking for employment opportunities. In addition, the event is great exposure for everis.


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eva, the everis accelerator to develop virtual assistants, is already in Colombia from contact centers for telecommunications companies.