Isabella Piazzesi, Senior Consultant, Boston, MA

My career path has taken its twists and turns. I started in the consumer goods industry,  creating promotion diverse optimization plans that saved the company $500,000 Euros annually. After a while, I knew I had to advance my career, so I moved to Boston, and got my MBA. Everyone told me about the struggles of international students finding a job, yet opportunity met luck, and everis and I found each other. I have been working with everis for almost 4 years now. Currently, I work as Senior Consultant at one of the top 10 International Banks, where I am performing as a young leader for my team. A big component of my success has been the inter-office trainings and taking courses in areas where I can grow. I am still learning and have many turns to take, but I am very happy to be a part of everis and where I can contribute to other’s success.

 Maria Eugenia Benito, Managing Partner Washington, D.C.

I was born in Salamanca, Spain. I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics – and a postgraduate degree in ‘Methodes algebriques’ in Paris. I then attended Esade Business School where I received my Executive MBA. In addition, I completed different executive courses at a number of prestigious schools in different countries such as the UK, China and the US. I started my career at Telefonica before joining everis. At everis, I started my journey as a programmer and had the opportunity to work in different countries such as the UK, Spain, Latin America and the US and in a number of industries such as Banking and the Public Sector. In 2012, I moved to Washington, D.C.  where I have been leading different accounts and was promoted to partner in 2016. I got married in 2015 and I’ve just started a new journey as a mom with my little boy who is 5 months. I found the everis environment and culture grows without thinking about gender bias and stereotypes. At everis, you can be your authentic self and diversity is fully respected. In the future, I hope more everis women have a voice at any level of leadership, giving them credit for their ideas and celebrating them. I would love to see more women in executive positions. Everyone has a part to play – all the time, everywhere. The biggest thing that I can do is to proactively champion the many remarkable women in my life.

 Esperanza Fernandez-Palacios Perejo, Solutions Project Leader,   Birmingham, AL

Since my teen years, I have been fascinated how IT is changing the world and our daily lives. So when I finished high school, I had no doubt I would pursue an IT engineering degree.  When I started working at everis eight years ago, I never imagined it was the beginning of an incredible adventure that has led me to work in Seville, Canarias and finally in the US. everis has given me not only the opportunity to learn and grow, but also the opportunity to work in different sectors and cities, together with amazing people. Also I have developed my personal life with my career, as I have started a family in the past few years. What makes me especially proud is that my daughters can see that with a positive attitude and hard work, there are no limits to your professional goals.

USA – Third Edition

CEO Connection

Dear Team,

The holiday season is here and it’s important to take a break from our busy lives to enjoy this special time the season brings with friends, family and our coworkers. When we look back on 2018, we have much to be grateful for and we can be optimistic about the new year.

We are having a strong start of the second half of the year. Our total net revenue by the end of October was 15% over budget with all the profitability indicators showing a huge growth comparing to FY17. In terms of profitability comparison verses our projected budget, we are over 41% in EBIT Post Bonus. Our projections also indicate that we are going to maintain this pace until the end of the Fiscal Year (March 2019), completing the whole year with all strategic accounts exceeding the budget defined at the beginning of this period. We are also currently working to define the budget for FY19. We have delivered a final version to the Regional Economics group. In this version we are forecasting double digit growth in terms of revenue for FY19. A definitive version will be sent before year’s end.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday, and as the new year approaches, I hope you are ready to enter our fourth quarter and finish our fiscal year strong!






We have been awarded several projects in BBVA Big Data platform (Datio) that will start in January 2019 and April 2019. In addition, we are currently pursuing some opportunities that should allow us to grow our presence in Dallas.

Congratulations to the Avangrid team who won the project to deliver the Installation and Configuration of their on-premise Big Data platform, based on Hortonworks distribution.


Avangrid Participates in the ITechShows 

everis USA participated in Avangrid’s Innovation Forum in November, which involved two days of activities, kicked off by the inaugural “ITechSHOWS” at Yale University. The event brings IT companies like everis, SAP, IBM, Accenture, Deloitte, ESRI, Cognizant, and Wipro together to share key trends and technologies that drive success at a leading energy company like AVANGRID. Attendees were representatives from the networks business areas, mainly customer service, networks operations and smart grids. Avangrid CEO, James P. Torgerson, also attended the event. The event was an excellent opportunity to increase our visibility in this area and share our experience in Virtual Assistants, Synthetic Realities, Drones, IoT and Artificial Intelligence.


The everis USA offices came together to celebrate the season with holiday social events this month. The events were a great opportunity to get together with colleagues, celebrate the holidays and celebrate what we have accomplished together in 2018! See the photos from some of the office events here.

The used laptop purchase program is going on now! We have recently shipped out 30 laptops to those who took advantage of the laptop buyback opportunity.


The Birmingham and Dallas everis teams collaborated for over a month in a Cells Hackathon event which ended last week. After some introductory sessions, the Hackathon team worked on developing Net Cash functionality that presents interesting challenges and possibilities when working with Cells. The event brought together more than a dozen team members from different areas, with diverse skills and technical backgrounds. Besides sharing tech knowledge, the experience added some management 3.0 tools to the sessions and some friendly pizza time, giving the team time together to have fun. Elvis Novoa won the Hackathon challenge and earned an Amazon Gift Card as the person voted as most valuable Cells companion. The Hackaton was a success and we managed to get a working prototype of one functionality of Net Cash using Cells.


Let’s welcome the new professionals who recently joined everis USA: Juan Aguiar, and Angelica Caro in Boston, Joshua Echols in Birmingham, Hanlon Tong in Chicago, Angelica Caro in Orange, CT and Jenifer De La Fuente in Washington.


The Americas Region, in coordination with the marketing and people areas, has launched a new employer brand campaign for recruiting. The new everis campaign will strengthen our brand in the region and contribute to our recruitment and growth strategy.

“everis, where you fit” highlights our values, focuses on the work experiences in our company and how we position ourselves at the forefront of technology while developing solutions and services that will bring positive impacts on our clients, our communities and society. Look for our new, fresh campaign on our social media channels, like and share with friends!

USA – Second Edition- DRAFT

CEO Connection

Dear Team,

As we enter September, we will finish the second quarter of our fiscal year this month. Globally, everis finished 2017 strong with a turnover of 1.173 million euros, a 14% growth. From a financial point of view, FY’17 was not as strong for everis USA. We closed with $28.2 million in revenue versus a budget of $37.0 million (-23%). Our final profit was 2.5% versus a 7.0% budget.

However, we are back on track and our future is very optimistic. We are starting our FY’18 with positive growth and opportunities. We closed the first quarter (which spanned from April to June) with $8.4 million in revenue versus a budget of $7.8 million (8.6% above). In terms of profitability, we closed the quarter with 5.77% versus 5.11% on the budget (12.7%). Comparing the first quarter to the same period last year, our revenue growth was 23.5% ($8.4 versus $6.8 million) and the profit multiplied by 1.7. In addition to this positive start to this fiscal year, the close of July and forecasting for the upcoming months show that the results are going to be even better compared to our budget. I feel very confident with our strong start to FY’18 that success is in our future. Let’s keep working hard!



NTT DATA has reached an important milestone, celebrating our 30 years of business since NTT DATA’s establishment in 1988. In
commemorating this significant moment, we reviewed the history of our group and reconfirmed the “NTT DATA DNA” with the new
vision “Trusted Global Innovator.” Through our unwavering commitment, we will continue to serve as a trusted long-term partner,
helping our global clients create future-proof business models and developing innovative solutions to meet the diverse needs of
society. We will earn our clients’ trust by collaborating with them to combine inventive ideas with cutting-edge technologies.


everis USA has been awarded a long-chased opportunity at Santander USA

After six months of working to shape the value proposition, the bank has decided to partner with everis USA to launch their strategic Multichannel Digital Transformation. The project aims to renew the current multichannel architecture, offering a more flexible, agile, state-of-the art solution to provide a true digital experience to their retail end-customers. This endeavor is a long term initiative that will take 3-4 years with multiple teams and geographies involved. The first award in the partnership, lasting until the end of 2018, has two components: the definition of an Strategic Roadmap for the new architecture, including the technology stack, the approach to renew the current platform, a complete new DevOps environment, and the organizational changes needed to implement such a change. The development of two first complete APIs and Microservices pieces, for two specific end-customer processes on the mobile channel, to validate the defined architecture. Working very closely with a variety of practices from everis Banking, TAS and people from USA, Chile, Mexico, and Spain, we were able to beat our competition- Accenture and IBM-to bring this win home.


Our Inter-Office Trainings have been happening all summer! The next training is for Project Managers and will be held on September 20-21. Take a look at our Consultant and Senior Consultant training events that happened in July and August!

The annual review process is going on now. If you have not done so, please schedule your annual review with your manager or director as soon as possible. Please contact the People Department with any questions.

The used laptop program is happening now! If you purchased a used laptop, the People Department has shipped out 31 so far. If you missed the chance to purchase a used computer last month, they will have another opportunity to purchase again in December, so stay tuned for more information.



We have an exciting new resource that is coming to everis USA. everisyou is the new internal communications app that will be available very soon. The platform already has approximately 4,000 users in five countries in the region and will soon be an everis global asset. The app allows you to enter your timesheets and expenses directly from your smartphone! Eva, the chatbot, is an exclusive everis product embedded in everisyou. When you meet Eva, you will see that she can quickly help you answer anything related to everis. Look for more information soon about everisyou!


Let’s welcome our new professionals who have recently joined everis USA: in Birmingham, Katrina Bedsole, Zachary Cooper, Michael Hinson, Gustavo Barros Dorea, Ayushi Patel, and Gregory Sullivan;  in Rochester, New York: Michael Viterise; in Boston: Adriana Hernandez, Wayne Barthe, and Mariana Lentz; in Miami: Juan Benavides, Jesus Cabrera, Norberto Hernandez, Ariel Tangir, Karel del Prado, Teofilo Francisco, Raudol Ruiz and Yuniesky Torres; in Austin, Texas: Erdem Balikci and in Washington, D.C.: Celeste Rangel.


The Birmingham office of everis USA sponsored the React Lunch and Learn organized by BASE, the Birmingham Alabama Software Enthusiasts last month. BASE offers a community for those interested in learning about and developing software with the goal of bringing together technology enthusiasts of all types to build a stronger tech-focused community in the city. Thanks to everis employees, Elvis Novoa and Josep Rubio, who helped with the logistics of the event. Our participation in the event was an opportunity for everis exposure within the community while networking with locals in the technology field.

   Carlos Agea Wins World Cup Challenge 

For some friendly competition, everis USA held the World Cup Challenge among everis professionals. Although the United States was not in the world cup this year, the challenge was a fun activity for everyone who participated and also encouraged people to cheer on their home country’s team. This year’s World Cup Challenge winner is Carlos Agea from the Birmingham office! A big thanks to Blake Meyer for organizing the challenge.