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Digital Festival of Learning 

Discover the Digital Festival of Learning: an everis University initiative specially developed for you. A plan that provides a training program adapted to the needs, preferences and goals
of professional growth of each one.

In the following video, Andrés Escudero, director of everis University, talks about this project. 

Welcome to the university!

Reasons to be proud

Liquid digital workplace

New offer to the market

We are launching the LIQUID DIGITAL WORKPLACE initiative through a campaign on our social networks. This offer aims to help our clients implementing flexibility policies, collaborative work methodologies and time management, with the appropriate tools, infrastructure and technological platforms. 

To promote our commercial strategy, everis Americas will make KNOWLER and TŌGŌ available to some of our clients, totally free for 6 months*Besides, the offer is being worked country by country through a strong alliance with Microsoft, which will also have licenses for its Office 365 for some clients.

The initiative, currently based on two of the company’s technology assets, is flexible and is an opening door for other services such as archiving, strategy, change management, cloud etc. In other words, solutions that will improve the remote work experience, with the aim of promoting productivity and knowledge management with security, agility and infrastructure, adapted to the concept of the LIQUID DIGITAL WORKPLACE.

With this, we reinforce our position in the market as a valuable and strategic partner, as specialists and reference within the smart working trend. We are focused on associating innovative, efficient and collaborative actions that add value to everyone’s work. 
We are going to help our clients adapt their workforce to the new reality. More connected than ever. 
Click here to watch the campaign video 

everis Chile holds its first virtual meeting 

On April 1steveris Chile held its first virtual meeting for all employees, reaching an audience of 928 people connected through the Microsoft Teams platform simultaneously. 

The “All Hands Meeting”, started with a presentation by Juan Yañez, CEO of everis Americas, who congratulated Mauricio Ríos, for his good management as CEO of everis Chile? After eight years, and congratulated Miguel Texeira, the new CEO of everis Chile, for accepting this new challenge. 

During the meeting, Mauricio Ríos formalized the end of his office as everis Chile CEO and shared his pride of being part of this company that has achieved numerous goals and that lives a conscious culture daily. 

Mauricio also announced that he will remain at everis as responsible for the Big Deals & Strategic Alliances area at the regional level. Then Miguel Teixeira was officially introduced as the new CEO of everis Chile. 

The new CEO, Miguel Texeirashared about his life, he is 46 years old, married, has two daughters and 12 years of experience at everis. He proceeded with his presentation by thanking Mauricio Ríos and Juan Yañez, emphasizing that “I would love to be with everyone personally, but we have to adapt, and there is no doubt that we will get through this.” 

Miguel explained the strategy lines focused on giving greater value to our projects through the people who are part of everis today, and with the premise that “the essence of our life is to fight for what we want”.

Within these new strategic lines are four fundamental pillars that will accompany our present and future: everis Cares, focused on everis and human value, everis Empowered Teams, where remote work is currently playing an important role and impacting our values and culture, Run Business, which seeks to continue project management and create a more inclusive team, protecting our human talent, and Moving Innovation, which is intended to create, design, and implement more innovative businesses. 

The meeting ended with a few words from Miguel: everis Chile has grown exponentially, and has created a fierce impact on the market, we will try to be as consistent as possible, and we will prioritize our values above everything else.” 

everis Chile hopes to maintain this type of initiative where despite physical distances, we are more connected than ever. 


everis Colombia

everis Colombia offers the National Health System free of charge, during the health emergency period, offering a non-face-to-face assistance solution to treat patients with COVID-19.

The health crisis caused by the expansion of COVID-19 is a global challenge in all sectors of society. The fast spread of this coronavirus is putting all diagnosis and monitoring methods of the disease expected for health systems to the test. 

everis Health is acting quickly, once again collaborating with the community and providing health organizations with “ehCOS Remote Health”, a complete, autonomous, and ready-to-use solution for community health management in epidemic or pandemic situations, in response to the COVID-19 crisis. It is a unique solution in the market that offers full coverage in the community intervention process, including self-screening, service in non-face-to-face channels, and data management and analysis. Thanks to this solution, non-face-to-face service and monitoring channels can be enabled during all phases of an epidemic or pandemic, thus reducing pressure on the health system and its resources. 

 ehCOS Remote Health allows patients to perform self-screening and receive instructions on the diagnosis. Through an online questionnaire, the patient can select its previous symptoms and pathologies, in order to receive a diagnosis and recommendations, thanks to the algorithm that integrates the entire process.

The system enables telephone monitoring of diagnosed patients and those that, even without a positive test, feel a worsening of the symptoms. Additionally, those who help patients also have communication channels. 

 Through a video conference and chat system integrated with the application, total coordination between the patient, the professional, and the caregiver is possible. During the monitoring of the disease, the variables entered into the system by the patient are updated so that everyone involved is aware of the evolution. Additionally, the ehCOS Remote Health for COVID-19 has a space dedicated to sharing information of interest to patients and developing dynamic forms for collecting additional information.  


Highlight of each region


In the midst of a moment of deep global transformation, with huge challenges ahead, everis Brasil received its new CEO, executive Ricardo Neves. Graduated in economics from the Federal University of Pernambuco, Ricardo also attended an AMP executive training at Harvard Business School and also have a Global MBA from Duke University. In the last three decades, Ricardo has worked at PWC in several leadership positions, in a cycle that ended by his own choice, as a partner, in a voluntary retirement.  

On the challenges of his arrival at everis he comments: “The challenge is a motivator for action and execution. Adrenaline goes up, you try to solve it, you gather strength and people, to set what needs to be done. I don’t fear challenges. They are somewhat my allies because they keep me going; “settling down” has a negative meaning for me. It is not an option, it is the challenges that make the virtuous cycle turn. When a situation is comfortable, there is a risk of stagnation and values will be lost with it.” 

In the midst of the current scenario of pandemic and uncertainties, Ricardo comments that the crisis allows us to do things that we would not have done otherwise. “It’s a bit of a cliché to say that, but in any crisis, you have to look at the side of opportunity. You can neither overestimate nor underestimate a crisis. You need to face it based on facts and data, be rational, and follow your intuition when there is insufficient information. You must go sailing and be willing to change courses and adapt as the path unfolds, because situations usually change a lot during a crisis. 



In March and April, everis Brasil delivered a series of virtual talks to one of our strategic clients, Banco Bradesco – Inovabra. These meetings brought together 368 people and we addressed the topics:  

“The challenge of technology is of a human nature” 

Luiza Futuro, Head of Research at Chazz, everis’ global design studio, shared thoughts on the combination of human and technological powers in an online event for a group of clients At the meeting “The challenge of technology is of a human nature”, the researcher encouraged us to think about the complexity of this relationship. 

“AI Privacy and Open Banking” 

Lluis Quiles, a Director responsible for AI at everis, talked about the opportunities brought by open banking and the emergence of new techniques that use information to enrich AI solutions, without breaking information privacy, mitigating some of the resistance to open banking.  

“Extended reality, a world without borders” 

Rodrigo Navarro, Digital Experience executive at everis Americas, talked about the advances in Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality – what we call X-Reality – combined with the speed of 5G and the possibility of accessing digital content at physical points.  


Diario Financeiro interviews CEO Miguel Teixeira 

The interview presents Miguel Teixeira, the new CEO of everis Chile, revealing the goals established for FY20, based on coherence, trust, and development of people to achieve a unique value proposal for others. It also dedicate a section to Mauricio Ríos, former everis Chile CEO who shares his experience leading the company for eight years, and comments on his new role as a regional director of everis Big Deals & Strategic Alliances. 

Read the full interview by clicking here


#YolePongoelCorazon is a campaign that was create to raise awareness of the responsibility to do something for us, for our families and for society, the importance of inspiring others to contribute to the solution. The goal is that we all contribute with positive and encouraging attitudes, so that together we can overcome this challenge arising from COVID-19. We believe in unity, collaboration and solidarity. 

See here the BPO Colombia team, which puts its heart into its BBVA project #YoLePongoElCorazon


Compassion and resilience in times of crisis  

Resilience is not a concept of corporate origin, but a psychological concept. However, in the customer age, it is not surprising that the focus of attention and the new tools are driven, mainly, by people. The core of a business is not the product, the technology or the money; it’s the customers, employees, suppliers… stakeholders that create this interconnected ecosystem in which we depend on each other. Those who can understand this and promote the development of resilience skills will be closer to a recovery that will allow them to move forward. That does not mean that they will not be impacted, but that they will have the ability to overcome a crisis more easily and without as much stress. 

May 4 Webinar (The Importance of Resilience in the Customer Era)


Open Challenge na everis Perú

everis Peru, as part of the Innovation and Creativity Day, through programs such as the Open Challenge, is committed to open innovation. A program aiming to improve the talent and innovative DNA of employees, from the Digital Technology Peru unit, a business ideas contest was developed based on disruptive technologies. The program lasted four months and was supported by everis Innovation School by SuSI (innCub3), who carried out training and mentoring activities in innovation methodologies and Design Thinking to develop ideas.

Open Challenge’s purpose is generating and promoting innovative DNA, fostering talent, creating value and above all, learning to create and develop ideas that can further new team skills. Open Challange was designed for all people who are part of the Digital Technology (DT) area.

Throughout the three phases of the process (idea, prototype, and pitch), face-to-face events and training webinars were held, and DT mentors followed up with the teams to help them work on their own ideas on disruptive technologies, validate and evolve them into the Elevator Pitch event.

Additionally, prizes were awarded at each stage of the program including the idea that received the most votes, the participation award, best prototype, and best presentation and idea.

Video link (If necessary, request the video file)

United States

The United Nations  has awarded a contract to everis for the provision of Software Development and Application Services for the Office of Information and Communications Technology (OICT) . 

OICT provides ICT services to clients across the United Nations Secretariat including: UN Headquarters, offices away from Headquarters (OAH’s), Regional Commissions , Peacekeeping Missions, Special Political Missions, Tribunals, Agencies, Funds and Programs. These clients are globally distributed in over 400 offices worldwide.  

The contract value is $200 Million dollars for 7 seven years covering five regions:

Region 1: Africa/Middle East, Region 2: Asia/Pacific, Region 3: Europe, Region 4: Americas ( New York, Santiago Chile) and Region 5: Offshore Delivery Center(s). 

Regarding technologies, the contract  covers  a number of enterprise applications: SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Open Sources technologies , BI plus others type of services ( PMO, Change Management, Devops, Agile , etc…).

Two packages have been awarded :  

  • Package A: Integrated Application Services Package- Staff Augmentation Services.  
  • Package B: Task Order Application Services- Managed Services and Fix Price Projects.   

This contract is one of the biggest IT Contracts in the UN system.  


Check out everis highlights


Jose Ignacio Nuñez Garcia, Digital Banking Partner at everis Brasil, talks about the increasing challenges of the financial sector in the current scenario. 


Compassion and resilience
in times of crisis


everis Brasil consulting announces
Ricardo Neves as its new CEO


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